[Scheduled System Maintenance]

Thank you very much for playing Shall we date? games.

To ensure the highest performance levels for our services, system maintenance is scheduled at the times listed below on March 20 (PST). Please note that the maintenance schedule is subject to change without prior notice, and the games will be down for the maintenance downtime.
*Angel or Devil+ 14:30~0:30
*Destiny Ninja 14:30~0:30
*Lost Island+ 14:30~0:30
*Mononoke Kiss+ 14:30~0:30
*Magic Sword+ 14:30~0:30
*Ninja Love+ 14:30~0:30
*My Sweet Prince+ 14:30~0:30
*Scarlet Fate+ 14:30~0:30
*Destiny Ninja 2+ 15:30~0:30
*Oz+ 15:30~0:30
*Wizardess Heart+ 16:30~0:30
*THE NIFLHEIM+ 16:30~0:30
*Blood in Roses+ 16:30~0:30
*My Fairy Tales+ 16:30~0:30
*Ninja Assassin+ 16:30~0:30
*Love Tangle+ 17:30~0:30
*Ninja Shadow+ 17:30~0:30
*Guard me, Sherlock!+ 17:30~0:30
*Lost Alice+ 17:30~0:30
*Moe! Ninja Girls 17:30~0:30

Thank you very much for your understanding in advance, and we are happy to help you if you have any questions regarding to this matter.

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