[Important Notice about iOS13]

Dear iOS Users,
Please try not to update your iPhone/iPad to iOS 13 until we finish working on our apps to improve their compatibility.
We will contact you again once they are ready.

*If you consider getting a new device, please save your data/progress by linking your account to Facebook before.

Thank you,
Shall we date? Team

[Tapjoy Inaccessible for Android Users]

We have currently fixed the issue where players were unable to purchase anything.
You can also install the app via the Google Play Store.

Please be advised, you will not be able to use Tapjoy in the latest versions of Wizardess Heart+, Oz+, Blood in Roses+ and Destiny Ninja 2.
If you still wish to use Tapjoy, please continue playing the current versions of these games.

Thank you,
Shall we date? Team