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Thank you for playing Story Jar. Please see the FAQs listed below.



Can I play the game in other languages?
    This game is currently offered in English only.
    We're hoping to make it available in other languages in the future, though!
How can I change my character's name and appearance?
    This option is not available for all Books.
    For Books with this option - name, skin tone, and hairstyle can only be customized at the beginning.
    You can make changes to clothing at certain points while reading.

    Please reset the Book if you want to make changes.
How can I restart chapter/book?
    Upon finishing reading each chapter, you are asked to either re-read the chapter or move on to the next chapter.
    Books can be reset anytime you like.

    *Choices w/ Diamonds are saved automatically.
Where do I find the latest updates?
    Updates from us are available via following SNS.

     - Facebook
     - Instagram
When are new books added?
    New Books are added constantly!
    Come check back often.
Why is there no sound?
    Sounds should be played automatically.

    Make sure that the Sound box is checked.
    Try going up the volume if that doesn't help.
You guys haven't got back to me.
    Because of the amount of inquiries we get every day, we've fallen behind of our schedule to get back to you.
    We appreciate your patience because you'll hear from us so very soon!

i_iconPasses and Diamonds

How do I get more Diamonds?
    Read as much as you can!
    Diamonds are given every time you finish a chapter for the first time.
    Additionally, you can receive them upon completing missions.
    Find more ways to get Diamonds by going to Shop and pressing Free.
How do I get more Passes?
    The initial setting allows you to have max of 2 Passes at a time.
    You can increase the maximum number (up to 5) if you purchase Expand PASS Limits items.
    Each Pass is restored automatically every 2 hours.

    *We're considering to add more different ways to collect Passes!
My timer is stuck at 0, but new Passes aren't restored.
    Make sure that time setting on your device is automatic.

  • If not, perform the following instruction to change settings.
    1. Go to Setting.
    2. Choose General, the Date&Time
    3. See if Automatic is on
    4. Check your time zone is correct


Why aren't my purchase (Diamonds and Passes) shown?
    Wait a little and check it back again.

  • Perform the following instruction if it doesn't help.
    1. Move to where the Internet signal is strong and stable
    2. Restart your device
    3. See if Automatic time setting is on

  • To change time settings...
    1. Go to Setting.
    2. Choose General, the Date&Time
    3. See if Automatic is on
    4. Check your time zone is correct

  • If none of the above works, contact us via:
    Help>Contact Support
There seems to be accidental and/or unauthorized purchases.
    Contact your OS provider for help.

    Android Users: Contact via Google Play Store

    iOS: Contact via Apple Store


What happens to my data when changing to a new device?
    Story progress will be automatically saved.
    Purchased items should be consumed before playing on a new device.
Where do I find the saved data?
    Log in with your Facebook account.
    There is no need for you to recover your date on your own.

    NOTE: OS must be the same in order for Diamonds and Passes to be successfully transferred.
I've started and played the game on my new device without tying progress. What should I do?
    Wanting to play where you left off?
    Try the following steps!
    *The app on your old device must still be installed for this method to work.

  • 1. Have your Facebook ID or Data Transfer Password ready
    2. Download the app on your new device
    3. Log in with your Facebook ID or Data Transfer Password

  • NOTE: OS must be the same in order for Diamonds and Passes to be successfully transferred.

    Not working?
    Contact us via Setting>Help>Message

    We'll see what we can do about your situation with the information provided, but be reminded that there is nothing we can do if this doesn't succeed.
    No refund and data transfer is guaranteed, meaning that you must give up everything and start all over.


Font credits
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    Copyright c 2016, Paul D. Hunt with Reserved Font Name Source Sans Pro.
Tapjoy (Free Reward)
    Follow the instruction below to contact Tapjoy.

    Free > Earn > Tapjoy page > “Missing S-Points” from the bottom of the page
    Free > Earn > Tapjoy page > Menu button on upper left > Reward Status > Not Rewarded

To find answers to other questions, please open ‘Story Jar' and send your inquiry via the app.
Your application user ID will automatically be added to the inquiry form that needed for further investigation.